Illinois youth at risk without Parental Notice of Abortion

Bill passes out of committee 8-4, aims to cut parents out of the conversation

Parents and guardians will lose their voice in their daughters’ lives under a pro-abortion bill that passed out of the Senate Public Health Committee on Tuesday, March 19. Senate Bill 1594 would repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995, giving girls with unwanted pregnancies a chance to abort their unborn without getting input from their parents or guardians.

“When young girls find themselves pregnant, they’re often in a desperate, vulnerable place,” said State Senator Jason Plummer, (R-Edwardsville). “Parents have the right to know if their minor daughter is obtaining an abortion. By knowing about it, they can supply the sound judgement needed to guide them through the situation and provide them with options or alternatives they might not know exist.”

Under the bill, girls would have the freedom to jump to termination without notifying their parents—keeping moms and dads in the dark and out of the conversation. But according to the World Health Organization, expecting moms, who take the abortion route, are at grave risk of suffering from long-term health complications and even death.

“Young people don’t always have the ability to think long-term. At this stage of life, they’re still developing. They make decisions and solve problems differently than adults do,” said Sen. Plummer. “We’re dealing with life and death. More thought and consideration needs to be taken before these kids stop their child’s beating heart.”

Public health experts believe notification of a family member is in the best interest of the minor and that the current act that is in place protects them from making unhealthy choices. The medical, emotional, and psychological consequences of abortion are often serious and long-lasting.

“There is already a safe pathway for girls to receive the healthcare they need, and it involves parents. A mature voice is needed more than ever when these young people face life’s biggest challenges. Moms and dads must be kept in the mix,” said Sen. Plummer. “Kids and teens are simply not equipped with the knowledge or maturity needed to address an unplanned pregnancy.”

If passed, the proposed legislation would make Illinois one of the most progressively liberal states in the nation when it comes to abortion, which would not be indicative of the position or values held by the majority of families in the state.


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