Senate Week in Review: April 22-26

Senator Plummer Co-hosts Town Hall with Representative Meier

Senator Jason Plummer co-hosted a town hall forum with Representative Charlie Meier in O’Fallon Thursday, April 24. The duo talked taxes, the legalization of marijuana, firearm legislation, outbound migration and more.

“Passing a graduated income tax increase will open the flood gates for future taxation,” said Sen. Plummer. “Decisions made by Chicago Democrats are strangling southern Illinois. People need to educate themselves on what this measure would really mean for them.”

Sen. Plummer and Rep. Meier took turns fielding questions from dozens of people from District 54. The reoccurring sentiment surrounded the state’s bad fiscal condition and the high costs residents are forced to pay for it. Lawmakers return to Springfield on April 30.  Spring session is slated to adjourn on May 31.

Legislation to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome passes Senate

A bill aimed preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by putting stricter requirements in place following an investigation where a child has died suddenly and unexpectedly, recently passed the Illinois Senate. An unsafe sleep environment is often a large contributor to infant deaths and is labeled as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Supporters of the bill say that often, even in situations where there are unsafe factors present at the scene where the infant passed, the death is often ruled as SIDS without further investigation. In situations like this, valuable information that could help prevent infant deaths in the future isn’t being captured.

Senate Bill 1568 would require coroners to conduct an autopsy following the investigation as well as list any environmental factors that may have contributed to the child’s death. The bill would also require the Department of Public Health to publish current data that it receives from coroner reports so that the public has access to reporting concerning SIDS.

Illinois resident Ashley Lamps inspired this legislation and now runs a foundation that advocates for SIDS awareness and the use of safe sleep practices. To learn more or to help in any way you can, visit the Aden Lamps Foundation website.

Senate Bill 1568 now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

IDHS decals to fund pediatric cancer research

In an effort to increase funding for pediatric cancer research, the Illinois Senate passed legislation on April 11 that would authorize the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) to issue a decal for pediatric cancer awareness.

Senate Bill 946 would create the decals, which would have an original issuance fee of $25; with $10 to the awareness fund and $15 to the Secretary of State Special License Plate Fund. The renewal fee would be $25 with $23 to the fund and $2 to the Secretary of State Special License Plate Fund.

The legislation was inspired by a Jersey County family’s struggle with pediatric cancer. Jonny Wade was diagnosed at age seven and passed away in 2015 after bravely battling the disease for nearly a year. His family has continued to advocate for further research in Jonny’s memory.

Senate Bill 946 is currently in the House of Representatives for further consideration.

Legislation seeks to ensure schools, taxing districts receive all property tax money committed

Legislation aimed to ensure Illinois schools receive all of the property tax money committed to them through the tax extension process passed out of the Illinois Senate on April 12.

Senate Bill 1043 seeks to address the concern that school districts, as well as all other taxing bodies, are losing funding due to refunds issued by county treasurer’s offices for Certificates of Errors and appeal adjustments, both of which are out of the control of the taxing district. 

The reduction in a taxing district’s expected levy revenue is a result of the cancellations and abatements administered by the state and county offices. These adjustments, made after a taxing body’s levy is approved and the tax bills are sent, are preventing taxing districts, such as schools, from receiving 100 percent of their publicly approved levy extensions.

The bill is currently in the House of Representatives for further consideration.

Coalition of Illinois Agencies Unveil Illinois Monarch Conservation Action Plan

This week on Earth Day, a coalition of Illinois agencies revealed plans and unveiled a new pollinator habitat near the Illinois Department of Agriculture building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. The purpose is to preserve Monarch butterflies.

Also, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for a new pollinator habitat at the Fairgrounds. Monarch butterflies are important because they help pollinate plants that produce fruit and important food that we consume. For more details on the Illinois Monarch Project, go through the report available at

Jason Plummer

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