Plummer Calls for Public Hearings on COVID Plan

As you all know, for weeks now I have been consistently calling on the Governor for transparency and accountability, especially in this time of crisis. 

As lawmakers prepare to return to the Capitol for a special session beginning May 20, I’m calling on the Senate President and Speaker of the House to schedule legislative hearings on the Governor’s highly controversial reopening plan. The public deserves this conversation and the discussion should take place in an open forum. 

For far too long, the people of this state have been held hostage by the stringent, broad and damaging decisions being made by a Governor who refuses to allow for legislative input. Shockingly, the Governor called our initial requests for hearings “grandstanding.” This is a pretty rich statement coming from a governor who spends more time on CNN and MSNBC then he does answering phone calls from legislators who represent the people of Illinois. 

His unilateral decision-making and out-of-touch reopening proposal is hurting our residents and driving people out of business. The people of this state deserve a voice in the process and demand transparency. The COVID-19 health crisis does not give the Governor carte blanche to do as he wishes without explanation or repercussions.

I urge the Governor and the Democratic-leaders to set aside their political agendas and recognize the harm that an unchecked Executive branch is having on the people of this state. If you agree, be sure to sign the petition here. 


Jason Plummer

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