Plummer condemns dangerous criminal justice proposal

State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) is standing in staunch opposition to a dangerous new proposal being backed by Democrat lawmakers to recklessly alter criminal justice policy in Illinois.

Being touted as “criminal justice reform,” Senate Amendment #2 to House Bill 163 is a 600 page proposal that irresponsibly endangers the safety of Illinois citizens, says Sen. Plummer.

The proposal makes numerous changes to Illinois’ criminal justice system, including:

  • Forces multiple unfunded mandates on police departments with threats of funding cuts if all the mandates are not met. This will result in even less money and more cuts to departments.
  • Potentially make it impossible to hold suspects in custody before trial even when they pose a credible danger to the community.
  • Would significantly limit offenders being detained, which could pose a significant threat to victims, witnesses and the public.
  • Impede law enforcement investigations, which could significantly reduce the number of crimes that are solved and thus make it less likely that criminals are held accountable.
  • Severely limits accountability for accomplices to murder by amending the Felony Murder Rule.
  • Removes due process protections for police officers, which could very likely end the policing profession as we know it and depend on it.

“This proposal contains a number of shockingly shortsighted and irresponsible changes that would jeopardize the safety of our communities,” said Sen. Plummer. “We should call this what it is, a blatant attack on the police profession and an underhanded attempt to defund our law enforcement.”

House Bill 163 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Executive Committee on Saturday, January 9.

“Our men and women in blue are role models and it is despicable to see them treated and portrayed as the enemy,” said Sen. Plummer. “I firmly and proudly stand with the tens-of-thousands of law enforcement professionals throughout Illinois who recognize this bill for what it is, an assault on their profession and a threat to our communities. I encourage my Democrat colleagues to immediately withdraw this offensive and dangerous piece of legislation.”

Jason Plummer

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