Senator Plummer reacts to signing of House Bill 3653

On Feb. 22, Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed House Bill 3653, the controversial criminal justice reform bill that was rammed through the General Assembly during lame-duck session earlier this year.

State Sen. Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville), a vocal opponent to the legislation, issued the following statement following the Governor’s actions:

“The actions taken by the Governor today have effectively made our communities less safe, defunded local law enforcement and endangered the safety of our families.

“Despite the overwhelming opposition voiced by citizens of this state and members of the law enforcement community, the Governor has decided to continue his warped policy-making approach by refusing to allow Republican input in one of the most sweeping changes we have ever seen to our state’s criminal justice system.

“We’re already seeing the consequences of this bill emerge, with one central Illinois village disbanding their police department entirely as the cost burdens of the reform bill weighed heavily over their small community. The fact is, the Governor is making it unaffordable for police forces to operate and even harder for our officers to do their jobs.

“House Bill 3653 is a terrible anti-law enforcement proposal that will have irreparable consequences for all Illinoisans, and I fear this is just the first of many so-called reforms from our Governor that will threaten the safety of our state and pave the way for future criminal-friendly laws under this Administration’s leadership.”  ​

Jason Plummer

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