Senate Bill 818 Update

Today I spoke against Senate Bill 818, a sex education bill mandating that schools use radical sex education standards when teaching sex education. These standards, stretching from K-12th grade, were developed by outside special interest groups.

While proponents argue that this is not mandatory and that schools can choose not to teach their curriculum, they fail to acknowledge that it’s an ALL or NOTHING approach. Meaning that if a school opts out of teaching this disturbing, age-inappropriate content to children, then no sex education will be offered at all. As a result, children will be left unaware, uninformed and unprotected because schools are being placed between a rock and a hard place.

To compound the situation, we don’t even know who is funding these un-elected, special-interest groups masquerading as “education experts” that are formulating the standards for teaching our children. This is completely unacceptable.

As a parent, I am disappointed by the actions taken by those who supported this bill today. This is too important an issue not to get right and today the Democrat-majority failed our kids.

Jason Plummer

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