Plummer issues statement on partisan legislative map

State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) released the following statement after Democrat lawmakers passed their partisan legislative maps along party-lines:

“The partisan map that advanced at the hands of party politicians is a direct affront to the people of this state and a disgrace to our democratic process.

“Contrary to the messaging being perpetuated by Democrat lawmakers, these maps were drawn by politicians in the majority to preserve their power and protect their incumbents.

“Beyond the complete and blatant lack of transparency behind the process, these maps have been intentionally manipulated using faulty ACS data. It’s clear that my Democrat colleagues have no real interest in protecting the people of this state or giving them a voice in who represents them in state government. It’s despicable.

“While Democrat lawmakers have made it clear that they care more about their agendas and safeguarding their seat in state government, I urge the Governor to keep to his campaign promises and veto this politician-drawn map. It’s time for our Governor to intervene and prove he’s more than just empty promises. People should elect their representatives, politicians should not select their voters.”

Jason Plummer

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