Statement from Senator Plummer on the end of the legislative session

State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) released the following statement after the Illinois Senate adjourned in the early morning hours of April 9th:

“Families are across this state are struggling to pay their bills while inflation and taxes are out of control. I supported numerous measures to freeze the gas tax, permanently, increase property tax credits, permanently, and to remove the sales tax on groceries and prescriptions, again, permanently. But after years of fee increases and tax hikes, the only thing the super majority Democrats would allow to move forward were shameless election year gimmicks that expire immediately after the coming election.”

“Meanwhile, crime is out of control in communities all over Illinois, leaving families rightfully scared. This is a situation set to get worse when the most dangerous provisions of their criminal justice bill kick in next year. What did the majority party do to help fight crime? While we able to get some much-needed help to cover costs for police departments, they refused to allow anything to advance that would hold violent criminals accountable and keep them behind bars, or to address the numerous concerns expressed by the men and women in blue who step up every day to serve our communities.  Once again, the Illinois legislature is choosing to put criminals ahead of victims and our law enforcement professionals.”

“In short, this legislative session will be defined by election year gimmicks and window dressing, but not the common-sense reforms and long-term help the hard-working people of Illinois want and deserve.”

Jason Plummer

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