Enhancing investigative authority is key to cracking down on corruption

While Illinois has some of the strongest ethics laws on the books, many are rendered toothless because the appropriate state and local authorities can’t adequately investigate and enforce them.

As part of the anti-corruption legislative package sponsored by Senate Republicans, several components aim to enhance the ability to investigate and prosecute crimes, including:

• Allowing the Attorney General to use a statewide grand jury to investigate, indict and prosecute corruption.
• Changing State RICO law to give wiretap authority to states attorneys to investigate crimes of public corruption.
• Giving the Legislative Inspector General the ability to investigate and issue subpoenas without prior consent of the Legislative Ethics Commission.
• Changing the composition of the LEC to make all members of the general public and not sitting legislators.

Ahead of veto session, Senate Republicans urge democrats to take action on these measures. If you agree, sign my petition calling on anti-corruption reform here.

Jason Plummer

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