Plummer co-sponsors legislative package to empower voters

In an effort to empower Illinois voters, State Sen. Jason Plummer is co-sponsoring a legislative package aimed toward giving voters a stronger voice in the democratic process.

Entitled the “Voter Empower Project,” the three proposals filed both in the House of Representatives and the Senate provide voters with a greater ability to amend the state’s constitution, the authority to repeal widely unpopular laws, and the option to remove corrupt politicians from office.

“For too long, Illinoisans have been silenced by a system of governance that perpetuates corruption and ignores the will of the people,” said Sen. Plummer. “These constitutional amendments seek to address what is clearly a broken system that has allowed politicians’ overreaching, shortsighted and unethical actions to go unchecked.”

The package includes three mirrored Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendments (SJRCA) and House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendments (HJRCA).

  • SJRCA 1 / HJRCA 5 amends the Illinois Constitution to allow Illinois voters to make more substantive changes to their constitution. The Illinois Constitution currently limits citizen-initiative amendments to specified structural and procedural subjects. This amendment would put voters in the driver’s seat, allowing them to circulate petitions for and vote on constitutional amendments on key issues that are important to their lives, such as redistricting.
  • SJRCA 2 / HJRCA 6 amends the Illinois Constitution to permit citizens to initiate up-or-down referendums on newly passed laws. By giving citizens the right to veto unpopular or rushed legislation, the amendment would allow voters a form of popular redress to political overreach and unwanted mandates.
  • SJRCA 3 / HJRCA 4 amends the Illinois Constitution to allow voters to recall more elected officials, including members of the General Assembly and local government officials. The amendment broadens and strengthens recall options and removes the requirement that partisan legislators must approve any proposed recall.

“Since taking office, I have been a vocal critic about the unethical and corrupt actions being propped up by a failing democratic system that does not work for Illinoisans,” said Sen. Plummer. “The time has come for lawmakers to pass substantive reforms that empower our citizens, puts the needs of our voters first and holds elected officials accountable for their actions.” 

Jason Plummer

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