Sen. Plummer statement on partial end to mask mandate

State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) released the following statement after the Governor’s announcement that he was lifting part of his statewide mask mandate.

“A partial end to the mask mandate that keeps the safest among us – our children – masked? Shame on Governor Pritzker, the State of Illinois, and decision makers at schools that continue to force our defenseless children to mask. We are only beginning to see the damage being done to our young people – damage that was predicted and that will continue to become more apparent and more tragic as time passes. For two years I have been calling on the Governor to work with the legislature and local authorities, to operate transparently and share data, and to trust Illinoisans to live their lives while we all work together to protect the most vulnerable among us. Instead he continues to unilaterally run the state by executive order, making decisions based on the only type of science he cares about – political science. I think the entire state is now recognizing that none of this is about true science. What’s happening in Illinois is happening almost nowhere else. The first restrictions removed should be restrictions on our children.”

Jason Plummer

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