Sen. Plummer’s statement on Senate approval of LIG candidate

State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) released the following statement after the Illinois Senate, on a party-line vote, voted to approve a new Legislative Inspector General, outside of the established process.

“In an era where multiple Illinois legislators have recently been indicted for lapses in ethics and illegal activities, and where trust in government is so low, you would think Democrats would take this subject seriously. Instead of doing the right thing, as is all too common in Illinois, Democrats have chosen what is simply convenient for their own purposes.”

“I would like to be able to tell people that the legislature is finally taking ethics seriously, appointing a new watchdog after a thorough and rigorous process of vetting with public input. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. The super majority Democrats ignored the findings of a public search committee and the established process. Instead, they rammed through their pick for the office on a party-line vote with little to no notice and zero public input. The candidate may be a great fit, but we have no way of knowing because the proper vetting process was ignored. The people deserve better, as does the institution of the legislature and the candidate himself.”

Jason Plummer

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