Former Speaker Madigan indicted

Michael Madigan, who served as the Illinois House Speaker for more than three decades, was indicted March 2 by a federal grand jury on 22 varying counts of alleged public corruption including racketeering, bribery, wire fraud and extortion.

The former Speaker is accused of using his positions as House Speaker, chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois and 13th Ward Democratic committeeman as a criminal enterprise to solicit personal financial rewards for himself and his associates.

Madigan was first elected to the Illinois House in 1971 and served as the Speaker for all but two years from 1983 to 2021.

Senator Plummer believes that the former Speaker is a shining example of exactly why serious ethics reforms are desperately needed. He is a sponsor of Senate Bill 3636, which would empower Illinois officials with the tools necessary to investigate and prosecute corruption.

Senator Plummer adds that the people of Illinois shouldn’t have to rely on the federal government to hold the state’s elected officials accountable.

Jason Plummer

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