Plummer statement on ComEd Verdict

State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) released the below statement regarding the multiple guilty verdicts in the ComEd bribery trial.

“This trial, and the evidence that has been made public, showed exactly what many of us have been saying, that Illinois is still severely plagued by corruption. The former House Speaker and his allies organized a scheme which was designed to put money in their pockets and help them hold on to power, all at the expense of the hard-working people of this state. This case is another black eye for a state that has had far too many already.

“Let me be very clear, corruption in Illinois does not start and end with a handful of people, we have a systemic problem. Until Democratic leadership decides to get serious about ethics reform and cleaning up government, then corrupt and powerful individuals will continue to abuse the system for their own gain.”

Jason Plummer

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