Senator Plummer reacts to the passage of bill stripping local control of libraries

State Senator Jason Plummer (R-Edwardsville) released the below statement following the passage of House Bill 2789, legislation that limits local control in libraries throughout Illinois.

“This bill is another attempt by the super majority to make it easier to force their extreme ideology on communities across this state, by taking control away from locally elected library boards, and handing it to an outside national organization. It’s offensive to the ideals of good government to threaten to take public funding away from the very communities that generated that funding through their taxes. The members of locally elected library boards, who work to increase literacy in their communities, don’t need a book-ban agenda foisted on them by Chicago politicians who are just trying to get cheap publicity. I will continue to fight against these repeated attempts to take away local control from our communities, whether their target is schools, libraries, or other units of local government.”

Jason Plummer

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