Plummer Urges Legislature to Reset Priorities

Calls for action on issues affecting Illinois families

As the Illinois General Assembly continues to push out controversial new bills that ignore, or even worsen, the issues faced by Illinois families, State Senator Jason (R-Edwardsville) is calling for leadership to reset their priorities and get back to work for the people of the state.

“The Governor and his legislative allies have put the desires of extreme special interest groups over the needs of the families of Illinois,” said Plummer. “Too often we’ve seen crime victims abandoned, the needs of the developmentally disabled ignored, and the state’s power grid severely compromised, all so the Governor and his allies can try to curry favor with ever expanding list of extremist groups.”

Plummer joined several of his colleagues for a press conference at the Capitol on Thursday, calling for a shift in priorities for the General Assembly. The Senators noted recent legislation advanced by Democrats to allow even the worst convicted sex offenders to live closer to schools, while ignoring concerns echoed by victims and parents. They also pointed out plans to expand a free healthcare program for undocumented immigrants, with a price tag over a billion dollars, while the state has continually underfunded programs for the developmentally disabled. The Senators also echoed concerns from electrical grid operators regarding increased risk of outages and brownouts, issues exacerbated by recent legislation that is forcing closures of power plants.

Plummer noted that recent legislation passed to provide relief to Ameren customers faced with massive spikes in the power bills, but so far Democratic leadership has refused to fund the program, leaving ratepayers without help.

“Many Illinois families have seen their electrical bills increase by 90% in a year, which is hurting families. Meanwhile, the Democrats’ solutions include things like trying to ban gas stoves and gasoline powered cars, forcing people to buy electric replacements, which will only put more demand on an already strained power grid,” said Plummer. “There’s a reason so many people are fleeing this state, it’s because they want to go some place where they have a government that cares about them, instead of undercutting them at every turn.”

Jason Plummer

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